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I Could See the City Light....

Calger's Saga of Saga-ken

20 July 1979
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Newest news: From July 28, 2003 to July 27, 2004 I lived and taught English to high school students in Saga-ken, Japan. The story's in the journal ;) I've recently graduated (December 2006) from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH with a degree in Media Studies. Let the job search begin!

I've maintained a personal gallery for several years now, if you'd like to see my work please click on the link for "Entis Animation" ^_^

I love to draw (obviously), read and write. I enjoy many styles of art, but some of my favorites are the Japanese arts (there are so many to choose from!), Fantasy, Science Fiction, Impressionism, and animation. As the title of my journal implies, I am a big fan of Japanese animation (aka anime), which I can appreciate even more now that I've experienced their amazing culture for myself.

I hope my experiences prove somewhat insightful and interesting, enjoy!

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